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    Enter the high-performance additive manufacturing market with the confidence of having our technical and commercial support. Plus, constant training and assignment of orders for parts to be printed, sourced by Roboze for you. 

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    We select the best partners in the world to be part of our manufacturing as a service network, Roboze 3D Parts. We are look for innovative entrepreneurial spirits to be part of the change in production and logistics models on a global scale.

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    Become a supplier for the most innovative companies in the world by offering high added value services and combining your know-how with the production capacity offered by Roboze 3D printing technology - all with our constant support.

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    Take advantage of the innovative formula for using the Roboze ARGO 3D production systems and certified high-performance materials, accelerating the return on your investment. Enter the world of super polymers and composites with us.

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    Local production, on-demand and just in time. The global supply chain is experiencing a time of profound revolution. Be part of the change by helping companies around the world produce better and faster.

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    Roboze is synonym of extreme performance and absolute quality. Our technical experts will provide you with a first training and will keep to support you constantly. Roboze 3D printing technology is used by many industry leaders all over the world

A recent survey of more than 300 industry leaders in different sectors (electronics, aerospace and defense, medical, heavy equipment, motorsport, transportation) shows a significant increase in the use of 3D printing for functional and end-use parts.
Source Jabil: What is the current state of 3D printing?

Industrial B2B Buyers


of the industry experts predicts a doubling of parts production in the next 3-5 years.


of companies today uses 3D printing to produce finished parts within their process. 


of experts predicts an increase of business thanks high-performance materials 3D printing.

In 2019, 3D printing service providers worldwide generated about 4.9 billion dollars from the sale of parts produced by 3D printers, + 20% compared to 2018.
Source: Wohlers Report 2020

The 3D printing sector have grown in the double digits 23 of the past 32 years. It offers tremendous untapped potential, especially for the production of custom components and small production batches.
Source: Wohlers Report 2020

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